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Who we are

We are apprentices of Jesus who

Follow Jesus as Lord

Are being Formed into Jesus

And Find other Followers of Jesus

(Matthew 4:19)



We are an extended Family.


God, the perfect Father, has adopted us as daughters and sons. Rather than a random collection of individuals, we live in loving relationships as brothers and sisters. We gather regularly to eat, celebrate, share life, and rest.



We are Disciples of Jesus.


We are humbly committed to continually learning how to live as a faithful witness to the gospel in every part of our lives and leading others to do the same. This work is not reserved for a few, but is the commission of the entire church community.



We are Servants.


Jesus has authority over all the earth AND He purposefully aligned his life for the sake of others. Because Jesus was willing to serve us to the point of death, we are committed to serving each other, our cities, and our world by blessing people in word, deed, and gifts.



We are Ambassadors.


Jesus sent His Spirit to enable His Church to be people of blessing representing his kingdom to the world. We actively pursue and take opportunities to bless our cities with the good news (aka gospel) that our world belongs to God and He is making all things new.

“We will equip you to be disciples who make disciples

Through our MC’s, dGroups, Sunday Equipping Gatherings,

and in regular everyday life.”

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Who are the churches of Christ?

We are the churches of Christ in NSW & ACT. We are all about Unity, Restoration, and Life in Jesus!

We are a network of more than 60 churches across two states. We are diverse in expression but share a commitment to upholding Jesus as our Lord, the head of His Church, of which we are a part. We recognise we are part of the wider Christian Church and believe Christ makes us one.

We invite you to explore the origins, distinctives, and ethos of our network. We pray you will be empowered by God’s love and join us in bringing unity, restoration and life to our communities!


Our Core Beliefs

We have adopted the Lausanne Covenant

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