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Helpful Resources

for healthy spiritual practices

Below are our church prayers to help us cultivate a life of prayer and become a house of prayer.

Praying for our church - CCOC:

How you can pray for our church

Pray through the Names and Attributes of God

Kingdom prayers for you to pray daily

List of things to help you confess

Talking to God about pain

Below are links to some recommended Bible Reading-Listening plans.
Reading plans

1) The 4 gospels in a month x 6 months:


2) The New Testament in 90 Days x 4 quarters:


3) The Gospels in 30:

Listening plans

Listen to David Cochran Heath read through the New Testament in 90 days. Daily audio readings offer listeners an accessible way to explore the life of Jesus and the events of the early church.

Apple Podcasts:


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