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Our Ethos

Our ethos is a living document whose source is scripture, which expands them and help us to live out our shared values.

We are SENT

– with Kingdom Priorities

We proclaim and demonstrate with compassion the good news of Jesus. We are sent by Him into the world, with a personal and shared mission to make disciples. Within this mission, larger than ourselves, we work with others to see His Kingdom come.


– in Restoration

We courageously bear witness to Jesus in our rapidly changing world with creativity and innovation, gentleness and respect. Holding methodology lightly, we actively restore New Testament patterns for the Christian life in fresh ways. With reflective experimentation, we persevere in our pioneering and we champion the ‘have a go’ mindset.


– by the Spirit

We rely on the indwelling power and counsel of the Holy Spirit, humbly offering our spiritual gifts in loving service to God and others. Conscious of the spiritual battle, we prayerfully walk in step with the Spirit bearing His fruit as He leads, guides and transforms us into the likeness of Jesus.


– in the Scriptures

We have the Scriptures as our anchor, tethering us to God and His redemptive story, preventing spiritual drift, in them, we find life-giving soul-enriching and mission-equipping truth. They are complete within themselves, holding the place of God-given authority in the personal and shared Christian life. The Scriptures unify us in the essentials of faith, while also providing freedom for exploring the variety of application in love.


– in Transformation

We cultivate spiritual practises that awaken us to the presence of Jesus who transforms us by His Spirit into His likeness. We are invited into this formational process for the Glory of God, the blessing of others and the abundance of our own lives. We navigate life’s experiences of suffering and joy together through the sharing of story, discernment, affirmation and communion.


– into Family

We are baptised into Christ, who makes us family with both God and each other. We acknowledge that our bonds of spiritual connection are life-giving, the breaking of which can result in hurt and loss. From a place of genuine connection and mutual accountability we sacrificially love, honour and support one another, from generation to generation.


– in Service

We embrace humble service that equips and empowers the body of Christ, releasing the priesthood of all believers. We express this by working together, brining a mutual offering of love, gifts and resources for the extension of His Kingdom.

Our Distinctives

Belief in the Lordship of Jesus is the mark of our fellowship; we welcome all people to encounter Jesus for themselves.

Practice guided by the New Testament, particularly baptism by immersion and participating in the Lord’s supper (communion) regularly.

Empowering the ministry of all believers.

Affirming diversity and interdependence among our churches, seeking to hold to the principle: “In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, and in all things love.”

Locally-governed churches: we find commonality in being “simply Christians” – but not the “only Christians” – as we collaborate with the wider body of Christ.

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