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Welcome to the Library

"A wise man will hear and increase in learning, And a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel" - Proverbs 1:5         

Using the Library...


Use the Search Engine to search for a book by Title, Author or Collection


You can use Advanced Search and limit by Collection to see all books in a Collection


The book, if available, will come up with an associated Collection name and Call number


The Call number consists of a numerical part (subject area) and 3 letters (author/editor/title). The books are arranged on the shelves in numerical and alphabetical order

Call number.png


The book can be physically located in the church library using the Collection (shelf signage) and Call number (located on the book's spine)

DDC Book Spines


When returning the book, ensure that it's kept back in the proper place using the Call number, so that it's easy for others to locate the book as well

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