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"For this is the word of the Lord who made the heavens; he is God; the maker and designer of the earth;

who made it not to be a waste, but as a living-place for man: I am the Lord, and there is no other" - Isaiah 45:18



We exist to:

Make disciples who make disciples

that plant churches that plant churches

that equip and empower everyone to live life by God’s gospel design

So that:

We Transform lives, Renew cities and Heal the world

Until the knowledge of the glory of the LORD fills the earth. (Habakkuk 2:14)

Ultimately, we see a sprawling and spawning network of Rev 7:9-12 churches

Healing and making whole, renewing and reuniting a fractured and fragmented world

Until the knowledge of the glory of the LORD fills the earth. (Habakkuk 2:14)


The Gospel is the good news of grace that redeems and transforms all of life through the rule and reign of our liberating leader, King Jesus. Together as a church family we learn how the Gospel is:

  • Real (Gospel HiStory)

  • Renewing/Regenerative (Gospel Identity)

  • Radical (Gospel Rhythms)

  • Relevant (Gospel Life by Design)

  • Righting/Restorative (Gospel Justice and Mercy)

  • Relational/Reconciliative (Gospel Connections and Community)

  • Reasonable, Reliable and Rational (Gospel Intelligence/Competency)


We make disciples who form a disciple making family of missionary servants that

Follow Jesus to be

Formed into Jesus to

Find other Followers

Until the earth is filled with Jesus (Churches that plant churches)

“The normal Christian is one whose life is thirsting for Jesus, drinking of Jesus, overflowing with Jesus.” (Jack Miller)

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