Depending on who you ask, you will get lots of different answers!

The short answer is that we believe that a Christian is someone who has been 'born again' because of Jesus and now has a personal relationship with God, the creator of all things. It has nothing to do with going to church, being a nice person, following rules or marking a category on your Census form.

A Christian:

  1. Acknowledges that Jesus Christ is God, that He came to earth as a man, lived with humans and died in our place so that we would not face the penalty we deserve.
  2. Admits that they have been living for themselves and rebelling against God (sin).
  3. Has asked Jesus to come into their hearts and live with them.
  4. Sees Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.
The key to what we believe a Christian is this personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In order to have this relationship, a person must first accept a few key beliefs.

  1. That God created the world and the proper order of things.
  2. We decided to do things our own way.
  3. The consequence of this rebellion is judgement, death and banishment and that no amount of good works or deeds can change this.
  4. Although we didn't deserve this, God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to take this judgement in our place.
  5. Jesus came to Earth and when He was crucified, He took the punishment for our sins and died.
  6. Jesus came to life again, conquering death and offering an alternative to the path we've chosen.
  7. Because of this event in history, we can have a new life (the way it was meant to be).

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