The Beginnings of a Movement

The Churches of Christ were born in the trailblazing adventure of the Wild West of the US. As the settlers moved west, so there were people keen to see these new settlers be Christian. It is a bit simplistic but once the frontier reached the West Coast of the US the question was “where is the next frontier for mission?” And so in the early 1900s a number of people came to Australia to establish new churches.

This is in contrast to the beginnings of most Protestant churches in Australia who have links back to colonial England.

Origins for Chatswood Church of Christ

We are over 100 years old!

On the 4th January 1914 around 40 people met in the School of Arts on Victoria Avenue, Chatswood. This was the first meeting of what was to become Chatswood Church of Christ. An influx of Churches of Christ people onto Sydney’s North Shore had already resulted in the founding of North Sydney, Hornsby and Mosman Churches of Christ. Now it was Chatswood’s turn. Ninety five years later Chatswood Church of Christ is still going strong.

The enthusiasm of those founding brothers & sisters in Christ was so great that later in 1914 a block of land further down Victoria Avenue was purchased from a market gardener for 307 pounds and 10 shillings. The first chapel of weatherboard and fibro was built by church members and Chatswood Church of Christ has remained on the same site, in the heart of Chatswood, ever since. The church family today welcomes people into the third building to be built on this site to the glory of God. This building was built as a result of an arrangement where the Chatswood Chase acquired some of our land and built the present building.

There is a statement of faith which expresses what we believe. It would be very similar to other mainline Protestant churches in most areas.

We do not hold to a creed as such because there is the conviction that the Bible is to be the basis of any belief.

There are a number of distinctives that we share with a number of other groups of churches. We believe a person becomes a Christian as an individual faith commitment at an age where they are able to make that decision themselves. This commitment is expressed publicly by being baptised. A person declares there faith and is then immersed briefly in a pool of water. From our reading of scripture this is what Jesus disciples did, and that was also followed by the early church.

Another distinctive would be that we celebrate the Lord’s Supper, or communion every Sunday. This is in response to the command Jesus gave to the disciples when he celebrated a final passover meal with his disciples. He gave them the injunction: “This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.”

Over the years there has been a strong emphasis within the movement upon unity. This is both a unity within an individual community of faith, but also with other churches that may have had a different history. This is historic back to colonists in the US who had had to leave England because they wished to believe something different. However Jesus prayed for this unity for his followers in John 17.

A Changing Community

Chatswood is changing. Back in 1914 the site for our building was a market garden. Older people speak of Chatswood being like a little village. Times have changed.

Today we seek to be an English speaking community of faith that is seeking to reach the diverse ethnic community now living in this area.

People say that that is a challenge but mission is always a challenge.

You would be most welcome to attend our Sunday morning worship service. This is at 9:30am each week. There is a program for children that runs at the same time. There are other meetings and events through the week that may also be of interest.

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