Come explore how the story of the Bible reframes everything & reveals the true purpose & meaning of life.

10 sessions

Every Thursday 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Starting 26 July

ReFrame addresses the complexities and challenges of our modern world through a 10-week DVD series which explores how the story of the Bible reframes everything and reveals the true purpose and meaning of our lives. The course invites participants to encounter Jesus afresh, reframe everyday life and connect to the Biblical story. 

Refreshments provided. Free course. All welcome!


Part 1:  The Story We Find Ourselves In

Session 1:  The Reframing Story
Session 2:  Cultural Stories 

Part 2:  The Story of Scripture

Session 3:  Creation & Fall
Session 4:  Israel's Calling
Session 5:  Jesus The King
Session 6:  New Heavens & New Earth
Session 7:  The Church & The Spirit

Part 3:  The Ongoing Story

Session 8:  Strangers & Exiles
Session 9:  Ambassadors
Session 10:  Joyful Living

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