Every church needs a leadership structure to function. The NT scriptures use a number of terms: apostle, pastor, evangelist, teacher, along with elder, overseer and deacon.

There is no passage that says this is how you are to structure a church. There are however a number of scriptures that refer to the character of a leader. There are also a few passages that list spiritual gifts and some of these are likely in leaders.

As a consequence the way churches structure themselves varies but frequently there are two areas of leadership that revolve around the role of deacon and elder.

Within the structure there is also a balance of power between the leadership and the partners. Some churches have most of the control and power with the leaders and the people having little say. Other churches have the people with more power. Churches of Christ have leaders accountable back to the people. This accountability is through partners meetings.

In theory everyone is responsible to discern the will of God, where Jesus is Lord of the church. In practice the way this is worked out is often dynamic, sometime with initiative from the partners and at other times from the leaders.

Some churches debate whether women should be in leadership. In the NT it would seem that there were churches where women were deacons, which may be surprising given the male dominated society in which the church was birthed. In this church we have women in leadership.

The Chatswood Church of Christ established a new leadership structure during the intentional interim period (2007- 09).

  • Senior Pastor

    Thomas and Carol Chin

    As a graduate of Singapore Bible College, William Jewel College and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (USA), Pastor Thomas Chin has pastored churches in Singapore, USA and Australia since 1981. As the Senior Pastor of CCoC, Thomas seeks to excel in the expository preaching and teaching of the Word of God and lead the church in the fulfilment of God’s vision for her as a spiritual lighthouse for the nations in Chatswood, Sydney and beyond.

    While he swims regularly and enjoys listening to instrumental music, his wife, Carol, a fine arts graduate, works part time in a major Christian bookstore. Together on their off-days, they frequently joined their friends in sequence dancing, and they would love to travel together to as many holiday destinations as possible.

    Thomas & Wendy Chin
    1. Senior Pastor
  • Children and Families Pastor

    Sarah Hallam

    Sarah Hallam joined us in 2011 to continue to establish opportunities for Children and their Families to connect with God and our Church family at Chatswood Church of Christ. This part-time role is particularly focussed on a Sunday afternoon service at 3.30pm called "The Family Space". A space where people of all ages can connect with God, connect with each other and have fun doing so.

    2. Children and Families Pastor
  • Pastoral Team

    Moh Har Yip, Mitchell Blyth & Nancy Lee

    The Pastoral Team consists of the senior pastor, and preferably four other partners.

    This pastoral team is responsible for the spiritual oversight and leadership of the church. The pastoral team is accountable to the church by way of partners meetings and through their appointment being ratified at the Annual General Meeting.

    Appointment is for two years and the terms are offset a year so that two new members are appointed each year.

    This team oversees the vision of the church. It considers the different aspects of the church as a whole. New directions will be ratified at the AGM by way of support for the budget. However it is anticipated that there would also be communication through a partners meeting for fuller discussion and endorsement. Currently they will also lead a number of special prayer times through the year.

    The Pastoral Team also have responsibility to the church for ensuring that the finances are maintained in line with the budget adopted at the AGM.

    If you have concerns of a general nature about the direction of the church, current emphasis, then you should see a Pastoral Team member.

    3. Pastoral Team
  • Church Administrator

    Jana Horton

    The church employs a church administrator who is responsible for the financial and administration areas. This person is a member of the ministry team forum.

    4. Church Administrator

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