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Looking for a personalised gift idea?

Order custom made toys and presents from Bright Solutions, an initiative of Global Mission Partners.

Unique in design, excellent in quality, products range from colourful ornaments and play packs to interactive books designed to engage adult child participation, storytelling and delight.

Based on fair trade principles, Bright Solutions aims to equip women of all ages with life skills and relational skills as well as access to a self-supporting trade and sustainable income.

Bright Solutions Vietnam

Chatswood Church of Christ (CCoC) has now met and admired the third member of the Atwood team going to Vanuatu with Church Missionary Society. Joel taught us over two Sundays from the book of Jonah. What a feast! Hosea and his parents Tiffanie and Joel have our continuing prayers. They are currently in Vanuatu and expecting a second child mid-year. May God grant them every blessing as they grasp correctly the culture, undertake language learning and witness to the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are looking to support them in a similar way to the education funding given to the Tan Family Beijing.

On 28th August Thelma Barnard who served 30 years as a missionary in Taiwan preached here. Those who steadily save coins for Vietnam (Bright Solutions) recently added to that worthy ministry's work. Fiona has had to deal with civic authorites following a burglary. She is preparing for a local showing of the ladies' sewn toys in Ho Chi Minh City. Have you seen the cloth book about Going to Hospital? See the website:

SAN, our own church partner, left for China in March 2014. He completed a year of technical and practical work for a farm in a tribal area, where expatriates and local people were building an "infant" dairying enterprise. A month's break back home to Sydney reconnected San - a happily fulfilled worker—with his church family here. For the last few weeks, San has been finding his feet in a capital city of South East Asia where he is assisting the change of the charity business Hearts and Hands into a trading company.

San consults with Ingrid and her local staff about their present accounting and inventory system for the handicraft business in preparation for the installation of same to comply with the Chinese taxation requirements. He explores how they can update their Excel system to bridge the gap for the installation of the new system. This transition stage is a challenge to the local staff and will require time for San to train them in the new computer programs.

With this huge task, San works with a volunteer couple who are focusing their attention on promoting their products overseas on-line. This has its challenges in connecting the Chinese financial systems with the West. He meets frequently with this couple to help get the right facility up and started.

On the side, San is creating a short clip to help Ingrid and Chen Gang, owners of Hearts and Hands, communicate what they do with local churches. There is an astounding high number of deaf people in this city for which jobs are needed to help them gain self-esteem and the ability to fit into the mainstream community.

Joel Atwood’s student work at the uni is important. San Lin’s scenes on the video of flood waters are a powerful reminder of forces against the people of Yunnan. May the new group ‘prosper’ (we funded their chairs). Keep before the Lord Erin and Keira Tan and the Beijing work their Dad Lee-On has been called to.

Coin Collection

Did you know the collection of your 5c and 10c coins gathered week by week is really following a Chatswood Church of Christ tradition? In earlier times, an elder would collect copper pennies that helped maintain the church property.

Since starting this silver coin collection, CCoC has supported children in care in Zimbabwe. Then, for the time that it was needed, the Ashwood Hospital in India received donations. It was another flashback to earlier times when the late Miss Ashwood of this church enabled the founding of the Hospital.

May we remind you to keep your coins coming. A news report hinted at the removal of 5c coins from the Australian currency. Perhaps in your home there are dressing table drawers with small change squashed up at the back? Bring the coins in for banking please.

Vietnam is our current target via the Bright Solutions project. The coins mount up little by little and produce in time significant amounts. In the same way, the Vietnamese ladies who make the ever increasing range of cloth toys and articles grow in their development of both work and life skills as the beautiful message of the Gospel in its transforming power is shared. It’s a worthy aim to give needy women hope.

Take a minute to look up and see how easy it is to send a few dollars to countries where support/development work is done by COCOA.

Ashwood Hospital
Ashwood Hospital

Missionary Support

CCoC enabled one of our own members to stay in Papua New Guinea for 28 years. Rosalie Rofe, now retired, but not retired from serving the Lord, has many stories of the Lord’s blessing during her time in PNG.

Visiting us from time to time is the Tan Family, Lee-On and Evelyn and their two daughters. They worked with OMF in China (Xi-an) and are currently in ministry building up the new believers who have met Jesus Christ at overseas universities: called "Returnees".We at CCoC assist with education expenses. We pray for this family, along with the Morrows (Faith Academy, The Philippines, educating missionaries’ children) and the Webbs with Pioneers in Lebanon, who work with the Druze people.

Importance of Prayer

Remember Jesus’ words about the spirit of unity:

  • And other sheep I have which are not of this fold:  them also I must bring, and they will hear My voice; and there will be one flock and one shepherd.

    John 10:16

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